Bringing Google Inbox bundles to Gmail

inboxy is an open-source browser extension that bundles together emails and makes it easier to manage your inbox.

What are bundles?

Google Inbox introduced bundles, which group together related emails in your inbox.

Email bundles are collapsed by default and can be expanded to show the individual emails in the bundles.

In early 2019, Google sunsetted Inbox, and bundles departed along with it.

inboxy is a browser extension that brings bundles to Gmail, by bundling together emails that share the same labels.

To get started with bundling, simply create filters to apply labels to incoming messages.



inboxy is a lightweight visual layer over Gmail, and it uses Javascript and CSS to draw bundles.

With the default settings, inboxy does not handle any personal or sensitive data.

However, if you choose to customize your extension settings, inboxy uses the Chrome Storage Sync API to sync settings to browsers that you're logged into. Certain settings may handle personal or sensitive data. Please refer to the privacy policy for full details.

inboxy's usage of data adheres to the Chrome Web Store User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


Star a message to pin it
Intuitive date headings
Organize your inbox with bundles
Messages with the same label are bundled together
Archive all bundled messages on the current page quickly
Easily view all messages with the same label

Have feedback? Post issues to the Github repo.